Bespoke Building

The way we build on our Business Park defines who we are. Whilst we can build buildings that are generic in design, we can also tailor buildings to fit a company’s specific requirements. We understand how important looks are and that’s why we aim to make each building reflect each individual company on our Business Park.

Our bespoke building service includes anything from size, interior uses or the design of the building itself. We can create specific indoor recreational spaces, additional storage spaces and even add balconies on to your top floors. We have seven acres of undeveloped land still to build on, so if you’re interested in becoming a new Shrewsbury Business Park member, get in touch with Alaska Group today and see how we can make your building bespoke to you.

Get in Touch

We’re always welcoming new businesses to the park. If you’re interested in joining our community, get in touch with The Alaska Group today!